''LNS Technologies was referred to us in 2006 when we were in need of IT solutions for our three offices.  John Lorelle and his technical staff have done a excellent job of meeting our ever changing needs. Their dependability is paramount to our business relationship''. – Gail

''LNS has a great support team that really are there to help. No matter what the situation is, they always remain calm and professional, and are able to help me through it.  They have a great managed service program and feature verification and tests that other IT companies would never think of having.  Unlike other IT companies our firm has used in the past, LNS is proactive, and I've never experienced significant downtime.  If you are in need of a great IT services company, then you need to try LNS, you won't regret it.'' - Sylvia

''I'm grateful for being pointed in the direction of LNS Technologies at a time of great need.  I want to compliment Mr. John Lorelle and his technical staff on their excellent response and support tools provided to me which I believe can help anyone encountering problems at a network level.  The high level of support was certainly worth more than the hourly fee assessed as it enabled me to restore our network after a total system crash within hours. As a result of LNS' help over the past several years, I've been recognized consistently with efficiency merit as an IT Administrator.  I think once the client understands the quality of service LNS provides consistently and reflects on their technical capabilities,  they will think twice about considering any other IT company in Tampa.'' - John 

''This is just a note to thank you and LNS Technologies for assisting our business in our IT planning and disaster recovery initiatives for 2009.  I'm impressed in how efficient the service and support on behalf of LNS is and how much we've benefitted in our critical hardware and software analysis of our overall IT requirements.  Your technical insight is refreshing, candid, honest and helpful.  I appreciate it when an IT consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down directions we never saw before.  Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, every meeting and email.  I really feel like LNS is part of our team and that makes all the difference.'' - Tammy