Industries: Non-Profit

LNS Technologies is highly experienced in providing IT & Network system solutions for non-profit organizations. LNS' skilled staff is experienced in supporting the unique business needs of your organization.

LNS combines strong non-profit business expertise with in-depth understanding of the latest IT & Network technology and application infrastructure to produce a true solution for your non-profit business that can include Information Technology Services, Technology Development or Cloud Services.  LNS will provide 24/7 services and support for your in-office hardware and software infrastructure. Whether your business is new, recently started or well-established, our dedicated professionals at LNS will provide a customized selection of IT services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Many IT companies provide hardware and software, but few offer complete solutions tailored to your non-profit needs.  Many of these IT companies require you to work with your software vendors to select, implement or support specific applications required to run your business. At LNS, we understand that you have a business to operate and that you need someone to care for the technology that supports it.  LNS will provide support and competitive solutions to these complex scenarios.

If you are interested in more information about how LNS Technologies can enable you to focus on achieving your mission and running your non-profit organization then call us at (813) 221-1315 or email at