Business Solutions: Disaster Planning

What is your Plan in the Event of a Disaster?

Your business cannot afford loss of information for any period of time. According to the Small Business Association, the best way to reduce the disruptions caused by catastrophes is to be aware of the potential impact long before it happens.  By the time you can see a serious problem developing, it is probably too late to take many of the important steps to protect your business. Recent research shows the following:

  • 65% of businesses that suffer complete information loss (i.e. no plan) close for good.
  • 54% of executives from Fortune 1000 companies admitted to having a technology disruption because they were not adequately prepared.
  • 32% of businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Our disaster recovery solutions address the IT resources needed to maintain business continuity and restore full network functionality with minimal loss of productivity. Our plan can address any of the following events: 

  • Natural Disasters
  • Catastrophic Failure
  • Fire and Flood
  • Hardware and Software Failure
  • Information Theft / Destruction of Data
  • Data Corruption
  • Force Majeure / Acts of God
  • Staff  Reduction

LNS will customize a plan based on your network and budget. Our cost-effective solutions include the full spectrum of data recoverability. We combine industry best practices with technologies such as online backup, replication, de-duplication and fully redundant hosted systems. To guarantee a complete secure solution, we have partnered with several national hosting facilities and co-locations. All of our solutions are complemented by our Managed Services Program. LNS Technologies will work with you to manage, maintain and test the plan in order to ensure its readiness by performing mock disaster and recovery exercises.

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