Cloud Solutions: Business Continuity

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Organizations of all sizes depend upon data availability to ensure productivity and business processes. More than ever, any disruption to data access directly impacts operations — and revenue. To ensure that operations are always running, organizations must prepare for and prevent data loss caused by software or hardware failures.


Innovative business continuity solutions from LNS Technologies deliver a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to data protection across the enterprise, allowing you to:

  • Enable 99.999% availability with storage virtualization
  • Cut primary storage capacity requirements by 50%
  • Reduce storage capital investment by 75%
  • Slash replication cost by 90% with WAN-optimized replication
  • Eliminate redundant data and shrink your backup repository by 95%

LNS Technologies can offer intelligent storage virtualization and an "always-on" approach to storage and data management, ensuring that all components are redundant and can seamlessly react to disruptions or issues. LNS can provide innovative data protection features and application-level integration enabling you  to  recover from any data loss or corruption instantly, ensuring the highest level of data availability. 

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